Comment: And the lost farms will end up planted in GMO crops.

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And the lost farms will end up planted in GMO crops.

There is a common bumper sticker around here - "No Farms, No Food." I like it, but just "food" is not enough - we need SAFE food and Monsanto is angling to become THE food supply.
In another thread, someone asked about how profitable aquaponics is or can be, and part of my reply was that I don't really know if I want to make any money with it. Our current strategy is to make ourselves as poor as we can stand - we don't want to lie or cheat on taxes (due to loss of liberty, not because we believe our tax code is legal or just) but they can't tax what you do not earn. Our farm is just getting started, and we intend to make it as self sufficient as possible (zero input is the ultimate goal, understanding we will likely fall short.) Then we will calculate annual taxes and expenses and try to make just enough money to cover them, but strive for zero profit. They currently pay farmers to leave some fields lay fallow, so I see no problem with me growing food and giving it away if I don't need it. When we are sitting and planning, it is all very "matter of fact" talk, but when I sit here and type it out, it makes me want to scream. Planned poverty as a survival strategy in this nation where I am supposedly free to make whatever I want of my life...

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