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Comment: Of course you are responsible for your actions

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Of course you are responsible for your actions

That's just a quote and has nothing to do with this context. Ben Bernanke is a great and knowledgeable economist and he has done a lot of stuff apart from being chairman of the fed. It's ridicolous to make personal attacks on Bernanke because of disagreement on if the fed should exist or not and if so in which form. Look at Ron Paul and Bernankes discussions, heated but still civil and with lots of facts and intelligent analysis.

The person doing the job is obviously responsible, especially when there is a monopoly type of situation. And that is what the critcism should look like. I'm too critical of fed policy, central banking etc. but calling the chairman "stupid" "incompetenet" etc. is just pathetic when it clearly isn't so. It just shows a lack of understanding the issue and not being able to form a proper argument.