Comment: How Did That Woman Get on TV?

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How Did That Woman Get on TV?

Oh right, the same way all the other hacks get on tv--promise to say anything you're told. Let's look at some of her claims:

"Lure the young people in like a wolf in sheep's clothing [with Libertarian promises]". Is that what wolves in sheep's clothing do? Lure young people? That doesn't even make sense. Further, libertarians promise freedom. Period. That freedom comes with the acceptance of responsibility of one's self at the expense of relying on others to take care of you. Sounds fair to me. Anything else seems immoral.

Republicans want to get rid of the Dept of Education. Yes. They do. It's been a miserable failure. Why would we want to keep it? The implication she makes is that Republicans/Libertarians don't want people to receive an education. It's a straw man argument. We want curriculum to be decided locally. It's less likely to be full of lies and propaganda that way. Plus, the community will have more opportunity to select what's important to them and reflective of their values.

Republicans want to privatize law enforcement. I don't believe I've ever heard that claim made. She's making that up.

Isolationist? That's the term used for one purpose--to slander RP. It's another straw man argument--he's crazy because he wants to isolate us from the rest of the world. It's the exact opposite of what he intends to do.

Finally, she voted for Jill Stein. Though perfectly reasonable on some issues, IMO Stein is a complete whackjob on others. I'm not going to get into the details because I don't have time to re-watch the 3rd party debates to pull exact quotes, but she'd be even more of an authoritarian than Obama on many domestic issues. Anyone who would vote for her either didn't actually study her positions, or is an absolute whackjob themselves.