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Comment: Does Kelley have political aspirations of her own?

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Does Kelley have political aspirations of her own?

Family who do not have a "horse in the race" is very different from family like Benson, looking to ride his famous relatives coattails to a little political power of his own.

I have DEEP respect for Ron Paul, but "liberty" is bigger than the Paul family, and I believe they would be better off to get some "fresh blood" in the mix. For instance.... Why was Nystrom not in charge of PR? Did you see the campaign ever do anything as effective as this site? And what happened to Cat Bleish? She was such a force that Alex Jones took time out of his busy life to screw her over, and this campaign I never heard a peep out of her. Family is better to support the man, but the people who are effective have proven themselves over the course of 2 campaigns now - give them a shot at a win.
And not to slight Dr. Paul's achievements, but he lost all presidential runs, and only won in a district where he delivered many of the voters.

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