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Comment: The title says "secession-type petitions."

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The title says "secession-type petitions."

As far as I know they have not responded to any of them yet. When I posted this, there were threads on here saying things like "only 2000 signatures and my state is free" and that is the delusion I was trying to cure.
These petitions have NO force of law, they are not gathering legitimate signatures and are simply ritual mockery of the very legitimate petitions Bob Schulz put together and presented 4 years ago. His petitions had legal signatures and he fought all the way to the Supreme Court for "redress of grievances" and lost. Bob called his organization "We The People." Obama calls this petition process "We the people." Coincidence? I doubt it.
Let me go out on a limb - the official response will be something like...
"The President would like to thank the millions of Americans who expressed their discontent with the current state of the Union. President Obama agrees that drastic changes are necessary to ensure equality for all and is working diligently to bring these changes about. Remember Mrs. Obama was chided for commenting that "Now, she is proud to be an American?" The President and his wife are completely sympathetic to your discontent and assure you that by the end of his term, you will be proud to be an American again, too."

If you look at the responses, it does not matter what the issue is, the answer is basically the same: "Blah, blah, blah."

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