Comment: This issue is one I struggle with

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This issue is one I struggle with

Is the real debate over how much and at what point the tax should apply?

Was everyone cool with after $5 million at 35%

The fact that the government takes a big chunk of something after someone dies is outrageous to me, but my understanding is that the reasoning is so that one or two families could never end up owning the whole world.

That's where I struggle with this.

If this was a tax that was intended to keep the Rothschild's and JP Morgan's of the world from becoming global landlords, I have to admit that I'm ok with that. That would be an awful world to live in (almost sarcasm since it's almost our world now)

Having farmer Joe work his lifetime to build a good sized farm and then his kids lose it all or most of it, because they can't afford the death tax, is just plain wrong.

So is it the value and percentage that's the issue or the fact that it exists at all?

Can anyone help me get my head around the bigger picture of the death tax?


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