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You have answered your own question already!

Though specific comments are inappropriate on this great DP site, so calculated towards restoring liberty, and will be reserved for private communication, the following is obvious:

You have both asked and answered your own question: " exactly do they achieve that without saying "I"". Being a good writer, you have it within you to remedy this dilemma! Go do it!

There is no doubt you have drive, and now apparently, the best of motivations. If you are a good writer, ask yourself that question... then go out and fulfill the answer. If you need examples, the liberty movement is replete with illustrations of valiant patriots of whom we have heard and whose writings we read daily on DP... though you really need look no further than Congressman Paul.

His simple truths spoken with nothing else to shore them up but the return to life and liberty message, coming from the 'humblest of country clay', has inspired millions around the world. Yet how many among those millions can tell you a single grade he achieved in school, or recite a single achievement gained, which they heard from his own mouth?

Why? It made no difference, it did not matter, it was never about him!

Truth stands on it's own shoulders and needs no other human greatness to make it more true!

It was entirely for others, when time permitted and we wondered out loud such thoughts as, 'of what such a giant of patriots is really made'... then it was for others, that inimitable grassroots, to find out and tell. Then, between breaths of battle, it was 'we' who trumpeted Dr. Paul's own horn!

Go back and study Dr. Paul. I can think of no greater teacher! Then when you write, like the many others we have heard wielding that greatest sword for liberty, your pen will also write for freedom, though few might know by whose hand that pen is guided.

The people suffer. They are getting tired of prizes. They are worn and poor, and only beginning to realize it is tyranny under which they suffer. They are really crying out for freedom and liberty!

Their awakening realization and that cry, has already become Ron Paul's legacy... though he never make that claim!

But I digress.

But that's the point.