Comment: Rand should do what any good

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Rand should do what any good

Rand should do what any good politician does; lie. Lie, lie, and lie some more. Tell everybody what they want to hear and ignore everyone who thinks they know how politics works, because their advice SUCKS at getting votes. Tell the undocumented you have a path to papers, tell the poor you have wealth to offer them, tell the rich they can keep their riches, tell the middle class you're all about them, and tell the tree huggers you planted 50 oaks in your back yard.

Then.. when you win by an avalanche, you do what you were going to do with or without their permission. Because that is what ALL the WINNERS do. Everyone walks around this site telling people to 'wake up' but they're all asleep themselves when it comes to how this game works. Quit backseat driving the campaign, knocking a good man down, and openly discussing possible strategy where opponents can gain insight to said strategy. You are going to fuck this man out of his chance. If you like him, vote and advocate for him. If not quietly sit in the corner while we try and fix the country for you like the liberal in republican clothing that you are. But whatever you do; stay out of the way.

RAND PAUL - 2016