Comment: This is a good point

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This is a good point

but I don't see much problem.

I'd say it's wise to get friendly with neighbors and help them be prepared. When SHTF they will be either with or against you and it's better with so they shouldn't need what you have.

Nobody else doing random looting would know. And I don't think home invasions would catch on. I've been paying attention and Americans have been stocking up on arms, says news reports not having anything to do with this site.

As far as the government it would be more a problem if there were not so many of us. I think we underestimate how many of us there are. Two examples: I walked into a McDonald's and was surprised to see a Ron Paul sticker someone put on the door. Another time I was at a library checking the Daily Paul and someone comes up from behind and whispers 'You support Ron Paul?' 'Yep' [fist bump] :) I've seen similar stories mentioned on this site.