Comment: Unions are another layer of government.

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Unions are another layer of government.

We pay skool taxes in our school districts. We pay to have a township board and offices so they can collect your school district taxes, township taxes and county taxes. But wait, there is more!

Then it's off to work and you get to pay union taxes, Oh Joy! ~:-(

All that before we leave the county. State taxes, Federal taxes and some taxpayer someplace is picking up the tab for the UN's Bureaucratic Building in NYC where bungling reaches globally.

Everywhere one turns there is the Man, demanding his take of honest labor and profit.

The Global Tax collector. The Federal tax collector, the State Tax hounds, the County, Township, School district taxes and the Union Tax.

Government pretends it is using their loot to correct the flaws in men.

Government institutionalizes the flaws in men and seeks other men to bully.

To believe that I can remedy the flaws in men by institutionalizing governments is folly. Paying for known or oft proven folly doubles down when there is no chance of a liberty jackpot.

But it's even worse as 2012 draw to a close. Each of those jurisdictions holds a debt.

Free includes debt-free!