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Good post

I would only disagree with "people must and will change for the better." Nothing wrong with the people, except our longing for perfection and thus rejecting reality. Aiming at perfection is natural and adds to positive motivation. When mind is not focused (and here Ayn Rand's philosophy enters into the picture uniquely), Utopia creeps in.

Most of people think they act rationally when
- building Utopia on Earth to help the poor or the workers;
- helping the poor in order to enter Utopia in the sky as a reward;
- multiplying the poor with fertilized eggs mania while criticizing welfare;
- wanting to restrict freedom of bankers & secret powerful groups while advocating free society;
- curbing or killing those who prevent us from achieving our Utopia (it is not for us, it is for our kids and others, of course. "The common good before the private good" - Adolf Hitler. )

The main Utopia, however, is yours - building a new Utopian man (both collectivists and anarchists long for.) Economists, on the other hand, observed a unique pattern - the number of people, %-wise, who actually contribute to our rapid progress (invent something) is not related to education or the progress of our civilization. The number, in fact, is DECREASING.