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Good try there. I suppose I'll honor this post by picking it apart pieve by piece, lol. Let's start with some definitions. Talking past me will require some effort once definitions are established. Here we go:

Straw man:

Private Property:

Collectivist Fallacy (directly from Mises, himself):

That'll be a good start.

1. National borders have NOTHING to do with an individual's back yard. I own the private property inside my back yard, therefore I have full discretion in all decision making. However, outside Of my back yard is NOT my property, so I have no say-so whatsoever. Attempting to force through my choices regarding what is NOT mine is the definition of aggressive behavior. Electing a representative to perform the aggression for me does not not change this. The "back yard" arguement is, indeed, a straw man. This cannot be denied unless you're being dishonest ON PURPOSE. Straw manning isn't all too difficult to uunderstand. Repeat all you want, there buddy. Repetition doesn't change reality. Besides, state borders WERE dissolved, at least in the economical sense(remember the civil war?)

2.Good. You agree that the "back yard" B.S. was completely destroyed by my earlier response.

3. We have established undeniably that the "back yard" arguement is, indeed, a straw man through points (1.) and (2.). It appears that you are trying to pin that straw man on me simply because I referenced it. Whatever. My arguemnet concerning state borders is in no way desperate. The "invisible line economics" idiots used to view those borders just like the invisible line idiots today do the national borders. The result? America was the only place in the entire world that fought a civil war to end slavery. EVERYWHERE else in the entire globe, economic laws ended slavery.... and child labor..... and merchantilism.... and socialism.... and the corollaries of socialism, such as communism and facism.

but, yes, there are mexicans here for the purpose of exploiting the system......Just like poor americans in inner-city ghettos. Yup, they are just like all other humans in that regard.

4. There a lot of people that believe the borders have magical properties, such as yourself. Simply capitalizing the word "false" does not refute the fact..... and I own my front door. I can do whatever I want with it. The same cannot be said of national borders.(refer to Mises refutation of the collectivist fallacies for a solid dismantling of the idea)

5. Badges-N-Guns, Inc. = those lawless politicians

6.So much for your claim of "IRREFUTABLE facts", LMAO!!! All that recieve gov't handouts can be accused of EXPLOITATION. You have failed to present a difference between a mexican in texas and a black person in chicago. That's OK, cause the only difference is a superficial one, and is nothing more than a difference in melanin content.

7. The violence at the borders is a result of the economic ignorance of a conservative president(who's greatest accomplishment was an amnesty bill, no less). I understand the cognitive dissonance, but dis agree with the irrational way conservatives are using to achieve consonace.

I proved my stance. It's your turn to offer proof of the magical powers of invisible lines.... You'd probably have a better chance of pulling a rabbit out of your hat.

"I do not add 'within the limits of the law,' because law is often but the tyrant's will, and always so when it violates the right of an individual."