Comment: Really great post, could not have said it better myself

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Really great post, could not have said it better myself

However I would have added the obvious caveats:

1) There more way more dead ends on the road to truth than there are open pathways that actually lead somewhere Real.

Learning to evaluate the difference is the essence of wisdom, and is an art learned continuously throughout a lifetime.

2) We must always keep vigilant to recognize the difference between idle speculation vs reasonable theories based on solid evidence vs verifiable fact.

See point #1, and

3) Some circumstances are much better suited and are more appropriate for a given conversation to take place.

In other words ..

Bringing up certain topics among certain people in a particular venue might actually work against you goal of (exploring / disseminating / convincing) influencing others to accept what you are saying.

And a given topic might be counterproductive to the overall primary goals of the group you've elected to be part of.

Hence (paraphrasing a guy's post below me):

".. oh yeah I find conversations about mutating green lizard men REALLY helps my credibility when introducing new people to the the Fed's role in intentionally inflating paper currency to funnel wealth the the elite" /sarcasm

People need to consider the circumstances. Use judgement. Always.

Especially here.

Don't dilute or poison the wellspring of Liberty with too much "idle stoner conversation" (airquotes) if you can possibly help it.