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Perhaps the medical jargon went over your head.

Let me dumb it down for you. Rand said he would never advise anyone using it. As an ophthalmologist, that is reprehensible. Current glaucoma medications concentrate on lowering the pressure inside the eye, even though years of research and treatment have proven that reducing the pressure is not addressing the real problem. The real problem is damage to the optic nerve. Marijuana protects nerves. All the acceptable therapies do not address the nerve at all, they only lower pressure. Some people still go blind on current treatment. Marijuana would be the drug of choice as it addresses the real problem, rather than treat the symptoms. playing politics, his comment is giong to play well in Peoria. If he is talking as a doctor, he is doing harm and that is supposed to be a sacred cow in medicine - "First, do no harm."

I guess I am "fairly nuts" about people being told the risks, benefits and ALTERNATIVES regarding their health issues, as that is the legal standard of care. He flippantly dismisses marijuana as medicine. Saying "state issue" is a cop out.

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