Comment: Granger, you are plucky,, but what part of this do you not get?

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Granger, you are plucky,, but what part of this do you not get?

There can be no take over from within, the GOP has legally agreed to allow vote fraud. They do not like RP Republicans, they will commit the fraud themselves if they wish knowing that YOU, as a Republican, are bound by this same settlement and YOU cannot investigate fraud even in a race you enter.

And for the record, I DID "get in there." Sat on the State Central Committee for 2 years and learned it was a lot of pomp and circumstance and had virtually no effect on the politicians from my state. They would show up and talk, but they never, ever listened. The entire committee thing is placebo politics- let the little people feel powerful (and OMG, they get drunk on that power FAST!) but there is nothing these committees do that has any binding effect on anything at all. But go for it, you clearly will not listen to those who walked that path before you did. And if you develop a taste for power, you will have a really good time and be able to convince yourself you are doing really good work. You realize Karl Rove thinks he is doing good work?

This is the article that got my posting privileges revoked: