Comment: Thanks! Nice to hear.

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Thanks! Nice to hear.

The fringe has been taking a beating lately and been ostracised from the campaign. A shame because these people came together despite many differences to boost Ron Paul.

Paradoxically this pushes many more people into the fringe and you left out one of it's major drivers: those who go off grid and opt for non-participation. These ranks grow every year too.

As far as this "dawning age of Aquarius" thing, I guess it does have a New Age ring to it however there are other indicators besides the cloying odor of herbal refreshments. Check out gun sales homes. Millions upon millions upon millions. They aren't showing up to RP rallies in those numbers. Are they all believers in reptilian ideology or do they represent a rising tide of awareness? Prepping is going mainstream after a total market bottom post Y2K. I see some oil drum fires on street corners on Staten Island but I have no indication they are Wiccan rituals.

So don't despair. And you left out flouride and chemtrails and DARPA and...well, Ales Jones would just puke at the incomplete nature of your examples.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.