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Comment: It's still not safe, even with your own server

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It's still not safe, even with your own server

Because the people you exchange emails with likely won't have their own and your email exchanges will be viewable on their end.

But, you're definitely going in the right direction.

People have a misconception of what it means when they say "having the government look at your emails." They automatically assume the government has the technology to do so. WRONG! They are merely given accounts to email services that can access the emails of users. Or they're given a detailed record of email exchanges provided by the users' email service.

Here's some tips for staying anonymous.

1. Use random proxies (a pain, but they help)
2. Never link your anonymous email address to online accounts that have personal information
3. Don't use an obviously described email address (ie:
4. Don't register the email address with any real information
5. Never include your name in the emails

These are scary times and protecting yourself from prying eyes is essential.