Comment: Here's a possible way around it

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Here's a possible way around it

When you get older, you can sell your farm or business to your kids. However, you have the right to sell your land for however much you please...sell it to your kids at a reasonable price or even for a dollar. At that point it's in their hands before you die and was sold and it doesn't fall in that tax category anymore. At that point you just owe the property tax, which would be the next big hurdle, because generally you do owe that at the appraised value. Oh the many layers if govt taxation.

I'm sure it depends too, but since most home/land sales are negotiable & the govt/states don't have mandates/laws that require you to sell it at the appraised value, you can sell it for whatever amount you feel like. But once people start doing what I said I'm sure they'll make a law requiring your sell to be within a percentage of that value.