Comment: You would rather rely on Woods than on the "reasons" the South

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You would rather rely on Woods than on the "reasons" the South

actually gave?

The Secession Commissioners only ever talked about the threat to slave-products -- 80% of Southern GDP was tied to Slavery -- Countries only EVER go to war to expand their current mix of profit-drivers or to find new ones; the South did not go to war to find new profit drivers.

Lincoln also said during the Civil War that he always felt Slavery was Un-just and could not remember a time when he did not feel so.

I think Lincoln was going through a calculated "publically viewed" change of heart.

You accept that the South said they were seceding for "economic" reasons and the right to secede (just because they can?) -- even though 80% of their profit-drivers came from slave-produce; but you will not accept that Lincoln was also playing a public game? It is NOT logical.

How about this -- Will you accept the Declaration of Causes as WRITTEN by the Governors of each Southern State that addresses their reasons for secession AS the actual reason -- or will you still side with Woods ignoring the easy-to-see facts I'm outlining.

Just Google: Declaration of Causes

That should end the debate -- it negates everything any Rothbardian would ever say on the matter -- I mean the Declaration of Causes IS the LISTED REASONS given by each state, hahaha -- if you can't accept that then you'd accept anything.