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Comment: We are past that now. They will do what they want to you

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We are past that now. They will do what they want to you

and there is nothing you can do to stop them unless they really don't want to oppress you which is highly unlikely. If their minds are made up and they are hell bent on crushing you under their boot, you will lose. Judges don't give a rats a$$ about the Constitution - no one in government does. They all say they do, but none of them understand it enough to know they violate it with nearly every action in office they take.

Either you'll be made an example of by them otherwise ruining your life, or they will simply kill you. (of course, claiming you "had a gun" or were "resisting arrest" or other some such nonsense.)

If you are unlucky enough not to be summarily executed, they will "disappear" you to a place where waterboarding is part of breakfast, lunch, and diner.

The only thing I'll accept to prove me wrong, is for government officials to start arresting each other and trying each other left and right, convicting each other, and imprisoning each other for violations of the Constitution.

Since that isn't going to happen - you can put your false faith and hope in knowledge - it isn't going to help you.

They have more guns, and they intend to use them on you unless you obey them.

This is not a free country.

Get with the program already.