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Comment: Do you know what the WORD Ashkenaz means?

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Do you know what the WORD Ashkenaz means?

It is the Hebrew word for "German" or "Norse" (northmen). That's the long and the short of it.

So, I need to ask you, how could Ashkenaz of the Old Testament, when the 12 tribes were together in (and out of) Egypt and Israel possibly be the same people who call themselves Ashkenaz today?

It's impossible because you cannot be in Egypt or the Levant and in northern europe or the caucusus at the same time. It is a descriptive adjective not a race. If you knew anything, you'd know this. That's what the word actually MEANS: German.

In other words, those same Jews, descendant of the 12 tribes, after the diaspora under the Romans, moved east, west, north and south. Those who ended up in the north of the Roman empire were referred to as Ashkenaz, completely different from the Ashkenaz of the Old Testament.

It's called History. Get some.

I cannot believe the nonsense and utter ignorance that is posted by some people here who call themselves Ron Paul supporters..