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Nice thread,

imo. I actually was New-Agey before I woke up to Liberty. I've never been religious, but as far back as I can remember, I've been Spiritual.
Too many things about religion just did not make any sense to me. For instance, if God is love then how could he possibly condemn some of his children to an eternity in Hell? What's loving about that?

Am I crazy? I think that that depends on whose definition of crazy 'we' are using!! I do frequently attempt to use humor to get through life, hence a saying I made up years ago and frequently cite: I don't like normal people--they're boring!

True story:

About 2 1/2 years ago, I decided to take a break from a project I'd been chasing around online. I went and sat in my recliner, put my feet up and closed my eyes. Immediately, I could see this cream-colored 'paper', full of code/jargon, highlighted throughout in neon purple, scrolling backward. This lasted for awhile.

I did share the experience online, wondering what THAT was all about! It was suggested that perhaps I had tapped into the Akashic Record. Whatever it was, it had certainly captured my attention.

For the record, although I consider myself somewhat New-Agey, I don't buy into the doom and gloom. I don't think the world is ending on December 21st--I think it's the end of an era and the herald of an age of enlightenment. Other ways I differ from some New-Agey people is that I believe in and pray to Jesus and I believe in a Mother God as well as a Father God (It just makes the most sense to me--everything throughout nature is male/female!).

I don't buy into the lizard people and I certainly hope the Nibiru thing is bogus.

As far as fringe goes, I like fringe...I especially liked it on my leather jackets in the 60's!! :)

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