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Double Think?

"Your entitled to your opinion, but I strongly disagree.
This is the reality, the reality of the UN agenda of Globalisation."

There is no such thing as a UN agenda. People have agendas.

If you refuse to call what individual people do by the accurate word for the actual acts done, such as CRIME, then who benefits from your willful refusal to uncover the truth?

You now claim that what I am telling you is an opinion, so that you can "respectfully" disagree? There is no respect in that, if there was then the respect could be measured.

You are parroting the lies that cover up the crimes done by actual people who actually breath, they have addresses, they put on pants, one leg at time, or who knows, one of them may jump into both legs at once, but they are people, not things.

You do that, and no amount of false respect of nebulous "disagreement" changes the fact that YOU hold things to account for the actions of people.

"Is this something new?, the answer is definitely no"

Now you create a Man of Straw, someone that you invent, someone who speaks, and someone who has the viewpoint you place in their heads, and you place a stupid viewpoint in the head of your Man of Straw, and they you call your Man of Straw the person you are shooting down, with your lies, and since your stupid Man of Straw, with the Stupid ideas you put in his (or her) head, is so God awful stupid, you can easily defeat your Man of Straw, because the ideas you put in the heady of your Man of Straw are stupid ideas.

What does that have to do with anything shown to you to be true?

"Removing the gold standard, floating the dollar? this was part of the gobalist agenda in AU."

Name names or admit you are claiming that a THING is accountable, or a "process" is accountable, which is false. You are false, this Topic is false, this is more of the same falsehood that covers up the crimes committed by actual people with names.

"De-valuation of the dollar, on an on-going basis, simply to make export of primary produce competive on world markets, at a huge cost to the nation."

Now you claim that this THING you call a nation is paying a cost?

People are working, they create more power during the day than there was at the start of the day, and other people steal that power. Those who produce the power stolen have names. They are people. Those who steal the power have names, more people.

Actual people.

Why cover up those crimes with your double speaking duplicitous falsehoods?

Who benefits from your continued willful support of these crimes?

"Does this make sense?"

Yes, you are aiding the criminals by adding more lies, from your account on this forum, from your mind, through your actions, covering up the crimes committed by actual people upon actual people, so why do you continue doing that, and why are you now lying to me with your Man of Straw nonsense?

"Paying to sell your produce, and increasing the cost of your imports by doing so, while accruing a huge trade deficit."

Who is suffering a "trade deficit"?

What the hell are you talking about, did you earn a degree is lies?

"No, currency manipulation is not new."

What did you make your Man of Straw say to you? What was it that your Man of Straw said, to inspire you to publish that matter of fact statement?

"No, currency manipulation is not new."

Who do you think you are speaking to? Why did you publish that sentence? Have you propped yourself up as authority over my thoughts too?

Do you actually believe your lies, as you fabricate this Man of Straw that appears to be names a familiar name to an actual person. Who is the person, the actual person, who inspired you to write that sentence?


"No, currency manipulation is not new."

Who are you schooling now?

"No 'things' are not accountable, the actions of some are accountable, for the circumstances others are forced into."

Those who steal the power keep meticulous records, so now what are you teaching your Man of Straw?

Do you often argue with the other half of your personality?