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The Fringe

Are Individuals... like everyone else.
In fact the largest group on earth is made up of individuals. Ron Paul fights for the individual, so it is no wonder that they are drawn to him... as a group... of individuals. We are all different no matter what group we may or may not choose to embrace and name ourselves after.
For me I am a member of all groups and none, I belong to the IFL group.. The Individual For Liberty. If you also belong the that group, I think that's great...
I frankly don't care what other groups you may be part of; Lizard Peeps or Niburu, Aztec Calender,Anti FED, NORML, Gay, Black, Female, Male, any race, any color, any sexual orientation, chem trails watcher, 911,GMO Exposer, Prepper, Bit Coin, Patriots, Rebels, Gold and Silver freaks,Agenda 21 folk, HARRP Heads, TSA Haters, Occupiers, Radicals, Hippies, Gun Folk, Raw Food Folk, Property Rights Groups, Anti Tax Groups, Tea Parties,Pro- Life Groups, Small Business, libertarians, librarians, anarchists, anarco-capitalists, Little ole tea totin grandmas, Miltary, Handicapped, Mucisians, Poets, Cops, Writers, conservatives, liberals, Paleo's, White.
It just doesn't matter to me.
Do you love freedom? Do you abhor and abstain from the use of force to achieve your goals? Do you support my rights as highly as your own?
If you do I can understand your attraction to Dr. Paul. We all have a stake in Liberty. We all have something to offer. All. Period.
The only unity we have is for individuals to see that supporting everyone's rights is the only way to support our own.
Bravo to all who support the Liberty of the Individual... the only member of every group.

What good is Freedom of the press, if the Press will not Press For Freedom? - UR

Ask not what your government can do for the people, ask what can the people do for the people. - UR