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Comment: Here's a crash course for you

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Here's a crash course for you

The Khazars are a Turkic-Hun people. Their empire stretches across modern day Ukraine, Western Russia, Northern Turkey, Georgia, Western Kazakstan, and Azerbaijain. For reasons unclear, the entire Khazarian nobility converts to Judaism. The subjects soon follow.
When Rus warriors (modern day Euro-Russians) conquer the Khazars in the 960's, The Khazar Jews (today known as Ashkenazi) settle throughout Europe, mostly in the east (Poland, Russia, Hungary, Germany etc) The Ashkenazi Jews, who have no ancestral linkage to the ancient Jews of Judea, today constitute 80% of the Jewish population worldwide. Ashenazis dominate Israeli and American politics and are known to discriminate against the darker Sephardic Jews (the original Jews).
i.e. They're not Semites.
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