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I'll disregard your attack on my person, and my 'motives' and simply suggest you do some reading on modern political history. I'm sure you will find all the names you seek, of the misguided (or manipulated) political figures, that supported and implemented the UN Lima Declaration of 1975.

Your preoccupation with 'things' is somewhat perplexing, as I fail to see the relevance. When a proposal has majority political support, it becomes a 'thing' (your words), 'an agenda', and should you really believe the UN (collectively) does not have 'agendas', you are sadly misguided. The specifics of who, what and when are easily researched, but opten times take back place to the why, and subsequent ramifications.

I won't respond to any of your comments, as they seem more than a little confused, other than to say this:
A virus is a 'thing' and when it kills people, the cause of death is attributed to the virus..or 'thing'.

"Hell is empty, and all the devils are here" (Shakespeare)
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