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Well.. there is plenty of facts to support both.

First, Evolution is a process of refinement, not advancement. So if someone currently believes that Humans evolved from a common ancestor, they are not only completely confused about Science, but much more confused about how the Universe came to be in the first place.

The evidence for a young earth is overwhelming whether you measure the salinity content of the ocean (which was first studied by Sir Edmund Halley who declared the Oceans could not be more than 100,000 years old), or you can track the sedimentary layering found all over the world that resulted from a catastrophic event.

The evidence for a billion year old earth is quite rare, if existent beyond the what I am about to tell you. Carbon Dating responds to the age of the Universe which is always aging every second. As light expands and extends the edges of our infinitely finite universe, the age of duration in earlier periods of expansion happens much slower, but relative to galactic time. Thus, a Dinosaur could have lived 4,000 years ago on Earth Time... however, because of the outward expansion and advancement of duration, the half life of a dinosaur ages with the universe, not earth, thus resulting in Carbon Dating providing multi-million year old species.

It's not rocket science, folks ;-)

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