Comment: Good essay, many people won't get it

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Good essay, many people won't get it

First of all, this is an exquisitely written essay. I love reading complex, varied, well-formed sentences with textbook-correct grammar and usage, so I compliment you for that.

In any case, the worldview you seem to have established is very Bayesian. That is, you see the world probabilistically. Nothing is impossible, nothing is certain. You simply establish what you believe about the world, take in new knowledge, and adjust your beliefs accordingly, in a never-ending cycle. I consider this a superior paradigm.

And your comment about sleep being merely a process to return blood to the brain is *highly* intriguing to me. I have experimented with polyphasic sleep in the recent past, and have a deep interest in the mechanics involved. I would love to read the same sources as you to add this information to my knowledge bank.