Comment: Romney Lost... Rand did not help Romney one bit to get the vote.

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Romney Lost... Rand did not help Romney one bit to get the vote.

Everyone knew Rand would rather have had his father as the nominee.

The endorsement came too late to make any difference whatsoever for Romney.

And when Romney chose Paul Ryan over Rand or Ron as his VP he condemned himself with small "l" Libertarians and grassroots Republicans alike.

Rand did nothing to save Romney in this. He could not because Romney was already sinking himself.

In fact, even with the endorsement Rand criticized Romney's policies leading right up to the general election.

Rand played it strategically and the devil and his minions in the Republican establishment lost.

Now Rand is poised to become the 2016 nominee even with the support of the ignorant wing of the grassroots Neo-Cons... something even his father was unable to master.

The corrupt establishment wing of the Neo-Cons is now fully crapping their pants and trying to figure out
to go along and get along with us and Rand to save their positions and status as party delegates and party committeemen knowing now that if they don't get behind Rand by 2016 that they may be thrown out themselves.