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Any well indoctrinated idiot will claim not to oppose "religious liberty." It's what they've been told to chant throughout 12+ years of publicly funded indoctrination camp, after all.

Religious freedom means freedom to PRACTICE ones religion, or to practice none. Without interference. Regardless of how screwed up such practice may seem to well indoctrinated progtrash and others. And even if doing so offends the heck out of everyone in sight. Most self described atheists (though admittedly not all in this somewhat elite company) is more than happy to cheer for all manners of laws barring people from practicing their religion. Just look at how the riffraff came out in favor of the State of Texas kidnapping Mormon kids by the hundreds. And if your atheists' circle were as willing to live and let David Koresh live as he was them, you're hanging with way above norm specimens.

I'm not saying the average self professed "religious guys" are much better, but out of all the people I have met, hardline religious people are by far the ones most consistently willing to abide by live and let live in practice. Most of them want nothing more than to withdraw from this shithole of an imposed "society" with their similar mindeds, and couldn't care less if those they consider incurable sinners literally slaughter each other by the millions, as long as they leave them alone. While most self professed atheists I ever met, are very far from extending similar lack of concern over what various religious minorities are up to.