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Says who? All science says on

Says who?

All science says on the matter, is that most observable phenomena are explained most succinctly by employing a model that puts the age of the earth somewhere around the numbers you mentioned. That's all.

Noone (competent) practicing science, would ever dispute that science have absolutely no way of differentiating between the earth being that old, and the earth and all it's inhabitants being 3 seconds old, but being created by some deity in such a way as to make it seem like they've been around for a lot longer.

In other words, when drilling for oil, or explaining mountain ranges, employ the geological model you're alluding to. When talking about moral questions, assuming you're a believer in an Abrahamic religion, work with the model in the Bible. When explaining an LSD trip, work with the model that says the earth is a giant orange that all the boring squares are trying to squeeze the juice out of, which arose from from a hemp seed in 1967, or something. Neither is any more "right" than the other. It all depends of what you are trying to illuminate.

Of course, illuminating anything isn't exactly the goal of neither GOP operatives nor political jorno-hacks these days.