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It's good to see

that everybody here realizes that they're dealing with thieves. For some reason a lot of people oppose the accumulation of wealth. They see something inherently wrong with it, as if by accumulating wealth you somehow strip away from others their means to provide for themselves. They figure it will lead to kings so wealthy that their influence will consume everything. I don't think this is the natural progression of things. Even when resources are finite and large disparity exists. For example, when I die, the fruits of my life should naturally fall to those I leave behind in a manner I think best fit. Likewise for others, their fruits should be distributed in a manner they see fit. This redistribution would naturally favour those who are most in need or most deserving without taking anything from anybody. Such accumulation of personal wealth and natural inheritance allows people to ensure the welfare of their children and serves the public good by not leaving behind dependents. In fact, natural inheritance is exactly what the monarchs of the past use to try and prevent. Property of an individual went to the first born son only, of which their could be only one between two people or any two families. Such was the means to prevent the natural tendency to distribute. This keeps the peasants poor and gradually weeds the wealthy down to a select few. Give yourself a few privileges in the process and you get a nice little feudal system. King me, anyone.

Yup, sound like you and your loved ones are going to get shafted when you die. One suggestion though. Since you're dealing with thieves that prey on the dead, try not to die. Better yet, don't die at all. Whose to say otherwise, anyway. You might live a recluse lifestyle somewhere tropical for 200 or 300 years as a retirement. In the mean time we'll keep working on nurturing liberty, your children wont be homeless, and maybe it won't be such a shity world to die in for much longer.