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That's a completely stupid

That's a completely stupid statement! Of course there are "many" atheists who oppose religious liberty! It's a very relative term but pretty much no matter how you swing it, there absolutely ARE!

To go around accusing people of lying over that? You're insane man.

There are a WHOLE LOT of completely douchebag, self-centered, idiotic, no-good, worthless people who call themselves atheists, and absolutely despise the idea of liberty and go around wishing ill on others' believes. They hypocritically espouse the idea that there is no god and claim people who believe otherwise are complete lunatics because they believe so without proof, even though they themselves have no proof that there is no god. This is the rule, there are exceptions, but you are absolutely wrong that there aren't "many" and completely out of line to be calling someone a liar over this!