Comment: I'm not crazy. Everyone else

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I'm not crazy. Everyone else

I'm not crazy. Everyone else is. I prefer to think of it from that standpoint.

Is a creative mind a blessing or a curse? The surety of the conspiratorial thought can only be exceeded by non-conspiratorial puritanical naivete.

My guess is that it is somewhere in between, our government exists in a wide berth of conspiracy, greed, and sheer ineptitude. There is no doubt that factions of all parties drive decisions in the never ending dance of power brokers. The only question is who is the winner.

While lizard people seem a bit far fetched to most, perhaps that is the only feasible explanation, hiding in plain sight. It seems more plausible than most of the other incredible explanations I have heard coming from Washington.

Happy Thanksgiving all. Take care of your own for no one else will.