Comment: Right, He spent time helping HIS FATHER, that would

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Right, He spent time helping HIS FATHER, that would

definitely mean that he believed in everything his dad told him as he grew up. I've never known a man in my entire life that loved his dad enough to help him whenever he could but really thought he didn't know where it was at on things in general. Nobody like that is even possible is it? Now way...

So maybe you should think about your own feelings there.

I'm telling you that I don't know whether or not I can trust him as if he's on our side because his actions on a few occasions didn't sit well for me logically from a Liberty standpoint. It has nothing to do with feelings in any negative way. These aren't irrational illogical feelings. These are warranted.

The Jury is still out on him for me. Plain and simple. He's going to have to get his head straight and keep it straight.

I saw Gary in a similar way and as more time passed, I realized that my initial "fears" about Gary were warranted. Feelings aren't always bad and they can be used to focus your mind towards a goal.

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