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I have supported the Paul family with my sweat and hard...

I have supported the Paul family with my sweat and hard earned money ever since I caught my first glimpse of Ron in Freedom to Fascism.

I have supported Debra Medina from the beginning and was there with her the day Glenn Beck sought to accuse her and destroyed her campaign.

At the same time I was a volunteer working with Debra 2009/2010 going straight after Rick Perry, I was also supporting Rand's senate run from before he even announced.

I sat through Rand's speech in person at the RNC this year and it was the hardest thing I have had to watch in a long time, a Paul reading from a tele-prompter.

But as hard as that was Rand had it right (and we had it wrong) and you sir are doing the work of Glenn Beck 2010 fighting against Rand and undermining me in 2012. To hell with you. Rand took a chance and Romney lost. We lost a small battle but we will win this war God willing.. and because of what Rand did we now have a new foot hold with a candidate that is an honest man and we can clearly see where we have to go whereas with Ron it was not clear how to climb up there.

I dare you to say these concerns to his father's face! Ask Ron Paul what he thinks of Rand! I tell you this has been discussed among them. I tell you (Do I even have to tell you?) that Rand has Ron and Carol's full unwavering support for his attempt at a strategy to save our country and our constitution or are you just too stupid to accept that?

Rand is one of us and you sir are more than frustrated. You sir are working against us and against Ron Paul's principles. You are full of hatred and absent love/charity.

Maybe you would like to see Paul Ryan or Jeb Bush in 2016. Who would be better than Rand? You are a complainer without a solution. Offer a solution or shut-up please.

Those who have complaints about Rand, Jesse Benton and Doug Wead should have the courage to tell Ron Paul that he screwed up and cast all the blame on our good doctor for hiring and or associating with them. Maybe Ron should disown his son. You would like nothing better than this, for father and son to have a falling-out (but it will never happen). I can taste that bitter sentiment in your speech.

But the fact is that all of these men have been key to giving Rand a new, higher foot hold into the party. Listening to you it almost sounds as though you are afraid he might make it all the way to the top, your speech is swiping at his foot trying to knock him down and make him fall.. when the truth is that thanks to Ron, Rand, Jesse, Doug Wead, and others in Ron and Rand's campaigns... well Rand now has a straight shot to the top and a way to get there that Ron never had. Can you even acknowledge what Ron and Rand have overcome to get to where we are today? Is the glass half full or half empty? I say we have way more today than we ever expected. We will take the white house in 2016 if it be God's will.

While you are talking only defeat, as for me I will not stop fighting for liberty in the Republican Party just because Ron is retiring. Did you even try to become a delegate for Ron or are you just a stiff Libertarian?

This only the beginning for me and Rand is the one that I am really getting behind (while also supporting others for lessor office as well). And whoever Rand puts on his staff, that person has my full and unwavering support.

May God give us a President in Rand Paul that is willing to use the power of the presidential pardon to lift and remove the yoke from our necks and to do so with a simple stroke of the pen.