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lol yeah right

instead of having a farm or business people should just sell it all (paying massive taxes on nominal "gains") and have a bunch of bitcoins, I call BS. Might be hard to get rid of in a hurry? Bitcoins are far more likely to be difficult to get rid of in a hurry than gold or silver, if you could get rid of them at all. The farmer I buy potatoes from at the market will accept silver coins, he won't accept bitcoins. I don't even know a single place where I can turn bitcoins into fednotes "in a hurry", I know of many places I could immediately obtain FRN in exchange for precious metals. Bitcoins have no use value, they aren't even coins at all. I would be careful keeping more than a small amount of your funds in bitcoin form there are a lot of risks many of which I am not even mentioning for brevity. Anyway neither bitcoins nor gold and silver solve the problem with the estate tax. Some people have to have farms and businesses that cannot be hidden, those people should not be forced to sell just because someone in the family dies and generates a massive tax bill.