Comment: Colectivists think alike or lie alike?

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Colectivists think alike or lie alike?

"should you really believe the UN (collectively) does not have 'agendas', you are sadly misguided."

The pathology goes deep, and perhaps the infected people are sad about their own duplicity, and perhaps the natural human response, once infected, is to project or transfer their own sadness about themselves, and sadness about what they are doing, onto other people.

As to the Character Assassination of some nebulous Man of Straw named Josf, who is not causing the infected collectivist rb25de sadness, the confessions of this infection, this duplicity, continue in each response authored by the collectivist.

The UN does not "have" agendas, and that sadness, if it actually exists, in that person who claims to now "know" about someone somewhere who is "sadly misguided", could prove something somehow if it were true.

Criminals have an agenda.

What it is?

Criminals want to injure innocent victims.

It may be a good idea to know that much, before propping yourself up as an authority over your own inner demons, before you begin to project those inner demons out onto other people, because the practice of "knowing it all" when you are infected is pathetic, and as you realize how pathetic you are, you may, if that is what you are doing, you may feel sadness.

If, on the other hand, a person is merely finding innocent people, targeting them, and they planning on injuring them, by resorting to deception, then that is the definition of a criminal, and all anyone has to do to find the criminal is to follow the currency authored by the criminal back to the source of the criminal, fraudulent, currency.

I ask any reader, anywhere, to consider an idea when reading the material that is published by the author of the material, and the idea is to ask yourself if the author of the material has accurately identified the full measure of the subject and has communicated an effective viewpoint concerning that subject matter.

In this case, it seems to me, that the subject matter (not the counterfeit version) is a very small group of people who are gaining all the power on Earth, and hat small group of people can now steal enough power to BUY another World War.

That small group of people, who can be accurately called Legal Criminals, can be called by many False Names, which are False Fronts, such as "Wall Street, "The Dollar Hegemony", "Washington D.C.", "The International Monetary Fund", "The World Bank", "The UN", "Goldman Sachs", "Halliburton", "The Federal Reserve", "The Internal Revenue Service", "Homeland Security", or any THING, and NAME, that covers up their crimes best, and if the old name does not work well NOW, then they move to a new NAME, soon enough.

Like this:

They BUY World Wars.

People who have enough power to write themselves a check for as much money as everyone else combined, and then spend that money, BUY World Wars, and they do so because that is the tried and true method by which the few people with that Legal Crime POWER keep that Legal Crime Power.

It is the same thing, on the highest level, as The Business Cycle spoken of by Ron Paul.

Know better.

The cost of not knowing better is too high.

If you are polarized, by these counterfeiters, to focus your attention on THINGS, instead of on Common Law, Common Sense, methods of holding PEOPLE to account for the things that PEOPLE do, then what are you polarized to actually be doing in any case whatsoever?

You finally arrive at the THING that you are holding to account, and you find an empty bag that says something along the lines of SUCKER.

Good luck playing that game, even if you win, your piece of the action, joining in on the "fun" for "profit", as "we", all of us collectivists that "we" are, BUY our new World War, making a killing off of it, "us" merry bunch of souls all "collectivized" and polarized into this CURRENT agenda.

War is good for your economy, you will get your lower gas prices, you will spread your democracy, and be paid handsomely for a time.

Judgment day will come too.

Good like then, too.

May God have mercy on your soul.

"A virus is a 'thing' and when it kills people, the cause of death is attributed to the virus..or 'thing'."

The virus here is not ambiguous, it is not mysterious, it is "colectivism" as confessed by the words of the confessor, who may be lying willfully, or may be lying because the infected person is infected with that specific LIE.

How does the LIE manifest itself when the infected person (or the liar) spreads the infection?

Here is an example (among many):

"should you really believe the UN (collectively) does not have 'agendas', you are sadly misguided."

Why the liars, or the parrots, the dupes, the fools, the infected, either/or, either willful liar, or victims of it, when they are confronted with the facts, what can be expected from them - without prejudice?


Presumed to be innocent, until proven guilty?

Anyone, at any time, can find in themselves the necessary POWER to defeat the infection, but that possibility ASSUMES that the person is an innocent victim who has been infected, and NOT a willful inventor of more lies.

What is the point of this counterfeit TOPIC?

If anyone does, finally, figure out how the criminals, right here in U.S.A. Inc. (LLC), have taken over government, then there are a few actionable goals that can POINTEDLY defeat those criminals as such:

End the FED
End the IRS
Bring the Troops Home

Do so by a certain date on the Calender.

How about July 5th, 2013?

Meanwhile: this counterfeit stuff works for YOU?