Comment: Rand better get on his knees

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Rand better get on his knees

Rand better get on his knees and apologize after explaining the error of his ways if he wants a significant chunk of the liberty movement to fall in line.

You can blab all you want, but people are mad and will not forget. He can't sweep it under the rug.

Endorsing Romney was a huge mistake that he made in an attempt to play politics with the enemies of liberty.

He got burned, and you have to admit, it was just the thing Romney needed at the time. Rand fell into a trap which was baited with his own ego; Even after his father went around the country for years telling us that compromise and playing politics is what it us into this mess in the first place. Even after seeing all the corruption and fraud perpetrated against his own father, he still wanted to be the enemy's stooge. He traded liberty for perceived political power. That is traitorous on its face!

Now, there are all these revisionists around saying that Rand only endorsed Romney after Paul had quit. But,of course, we all know the truth is that Rand endorsed Romney before the convention, and right when our momentum was the strongest.

If he doesn't explain this traitorous act, he will not get the support of a LARGE part of the Liberty movement.

Playing politics is NOT a valid excuse.