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So you speak for the movement?

I will support Rand Paul for president in 2016, donate $2400 to his campaign, and work as hard as I did for his father.

If you think Rand didn't consult his father before the endorsement you are naive. I would bet $10K (circa Mitt Romney) that Ron Paul had a heavy influence in shaping his son's strategy within the GOP. He has seen 30 years of politics and knows what it takes to become president, and Rand would never get elected using the strategy of his father.

Look at the guys positions. He takes tough stances and fights for our rights in the Senate. The guy is literally the most awesome Senator we have had in a long time.

You can quibble over perfection to your set of ideals. I'm sure the people who support Rand will not miss your vote. I was smaller government and more freedom, and a Rand Paul presidency would go a long way toward that end.

Tu ne cede malis.

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