Comment: This is why I love the new age crazies here

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This is why I love the new age crazies here

If you believe in the tenets of the Liberty Movement, competition of ideas for your mind is a major benefit. I think it's important, personally, to give every idea the benefit if serious consideration. Heck, I think even communism might work well for some very small groups of people if our social structures were entirely de-centralized. In some places, it already does work, though I say that with extreme caution because I, personally, can't imagine living free without a means to keep the fruits of my labor. I suppose families were set up to be run in a communist way.

Anyway, even the antithesis of the manner in which I want to interact with other humans could have some merit in certain circumstances. Why not be open to ideas and allow a forum for all ideas to reach as broad an audience as possible?

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