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I just read the second part

I just read the second part of your post. What ridiculous nonsense! If you are referring to the massacre of Palestinians in Jordan, that took place in September of 1970 and only involved a fraction of Palestinians.

What other nation "turned their guns" on Palestinians? They are full citizens in some of the surrounding Arab nations like Jordan, and refugees in others like Lebanon.

I can't believe you are so ignorant that you really think the vast majority of Palestinians were willingly living in the surrounding nations in 1948! What a moron and an embarrassment to our movement. You are factually incorrect! If a majority lived outside of what is now Palestine and Israel, it is only because of the Nakba, in which 750,000 Palestinians were ethnically cleansed from Israel via terror and massacres causing them to flee during the Israeli war of independence! Surely you do not mean to say that the majority of Palestinians pre 1948 lived outside of Palestine or what is now Israel?