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The only ones getting lost were never home with us in the first place.
They do not understand life, liberty and the constitution.
norr do they understand strict conservative fiscal policy.
They have confused themselves by going after Pauls message of Peace but leave the rest of his msg behind or seek to change it.

There are many liberals who have been mistaken in thinking Ron Paul is one of them. They are finding out that Ron Paul is a Republican.
He is not a lib, nor is he libertarian. He has ideas that fit into most Americans' views- but he is a Republican and chooses this vehicle on our ride to all out liberty.
No liberal can wrap their head around that and thats why they must be expunged from the Paul movement because they hold no values Paul does except peace. We can not achieve lasting peace unless you understand pauls entire message and are with it 100%.

so the ones who are getting lost are the ones who need to be dropped.
They seek to distract, divide and change the theme dr paul worked so hard to create. after obama, libs think dr paul is one of them.
he is opposite and they dont understand their confusion is deep and they can not grasp conservative thinking. Just like conservatives cant grasp liberal thinking process.
They need to find a candidate with a msg they can get with and actually vote for instead of trying to change either Drs Paul message.

Liberals can infect a conservative candidacy.
Dennis Kucinich almost brought ron paul down in 07 by attaching himself to rons campaign and saying they were friends and they think alike. they do not think alike at all. neither does barney frank or bernie sanders think anything like paul. they have no idea and do not agree with paul yet their supporters seem to lust after pauls msg but cant understand how he wants to achieve it and seek to change it.
cant happen.

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016