Comment: Any time a cop gets in trouble it is because it is life & death

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Any time a cop gets in trouble it is because it is life & death

This is what they always tell you... we put our lives on the line. THIS IS BS!

#1 I did not ask any COPS to put their lives on the line for me, I carry a gun and can fully take care and defend myself.

#2 I fear cops way more than criminals.

This is true even though I have been robbed and carjacked with a gun held to the back of my head by a criminal. I have never been arrested but have come close several times due to super-cop syndrome. A cop that took my legally carried gun away from me (I hold CHLs in 2 states since the carjacking). That guy that robbed me had more respect for me that some of the cops that have harassed me for no reason, calling for militarized backup merely because I carry everywhere I go.

#3 I would prefer they not waist my taxes people watching while burning taxpayer gas in a parked car.

#4 Militarized armies of BARNEY FIFES are now a bigger threat to my civil liberties than the armed robber and carjacker. At least I can shoot the criminal dead when they violate my rights. But criminal police gangs will shoot you dead if you resist their attempt to rape you of constitutional amendments 1 through 10.