Comment: It will cost you far more than that

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It will cost you far more than that

if you buy it and turn it on. The cost to your intelligence and the cost that the propaganda being fed to you (which will result in a form of self inflicted mental illness) will be incalculable.

I see a future where both TV's and the fee for getting connected to a cable network or a satalite serive will all be free. Unless there is a new cable service that only offers TRUE news and does away with corporate commericials that promote people wake up...they are going to start tossing TV's out with the rest of their trash.

I gave my flat screen to a fraternity where my daughters boyfriend lives...near where she attends college. The one old CRT TV we have left is used to hold my wireless router and also we can turn it on to watch Seinfeld and the occasional movie. But what is mostly on the screen of our TV is dust.

Happy Turkey Day all.