Comment: Virtually everyone here missed the boat on Ron Paul Straw Polls

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Virtually everyone here missed the boat on Ron Paul Straw Polls

Make sure to read to the bottom of this for my updated comments.

I stayed on top of this from the very beginning for 2012 manually recalculating every damned Official GOP Straw Poll in all 50 States the entire campaign in hopes that some here would see how this could be used to our advantage. I never saw it anywhere else. But in case I missed it thanks for anyone that shared it.

Ron Paul Poll Statistics Being Blacked Out By MSM Use As An Activism Tool

I found these poll results on facebook and after investigation felt that they were so important in telling the true story of how Americans are voting overwhelmingly across America I had to share them.

We all know that most polls we see in the media are paid for with questions geared ala Frank Luntz to produce the results wanted.

Well these are telling a much truer picture I believe. Please share them as part of your activism in helping to get Ron Paul the nomination and Presidency.

Taken from wikipedia.

These GOP straw polls were always the gauge of a candidates STRENGTH and SUPPORT historically in both parties but now with Ron Paul dominating them they are brushed off and not really mentioned in the MSM and certainly not a total number of wins for each candidate.

Here is the factual truth. All documented with newslinks at the bottom of the wiki page.

These are the Ron Paul straw poll results the media won't talk about:
(Paul has taken 1st Place in approximately 50% (edit: actually was near 50% at one time but overall took 1st 44.6%)of all GOP Sponsored Polls So Far)

Straw Poll Finishes for All Candidates

(1st, 2nd & 3rd)

Paul 29 - 8 - 2
Cain 14 - 9 - 2 (dropped out of race 12/3/11)
Romney 6 - 11 - 14
Santorum 2 - 1 - 8
Bachmann 1 - 6 - 5 (dropped out of race 1/4/12)
Perry 0 - 7 - 2 (dropped out of race 1/19/12)
Gingrich 2 - 11 - 8
Huntsman 0 - 1 - 0 (dropped out of race 1/15/12)

2nd - New Hampshire GOP 2012 Straw Poll - (1/22/11)
1st - DC CPAC Straw Poll - (2/10-12/11)
1st - Online Phoenix Arizona Tea Party Straw Poll - (2/27/11)
1st - Combined Phoenix Arizona Tea Party Straw Poll - (2/27/11)
3rd - Onsite Phoenix Arizona Tea Party Straw Poll - (2/27/11)
1st - Republican Liberty Caucus of California Presidential Straw Poll - (3/20/11)
1st - New Orleans Republican Leadership Conference Straw Poll - (6/16-18/11)
1st - Clay County Iowa Republican Party Straw Poll - (6/19/11)
2nd - Ames Iowa Straw Poll - (8/13/11)
1st - New Hampshire Young Republicans Straw Poll - (8/20/11)
2nd - Georgia State GOP Straw Poll - (8/27/11)
3rd - Maryland GOP Straw Poll - (9/9/11)
1st - Pre-Debate Cincinnati Tea Party Straw Poll - (9/12/11)
1st - Post-Debate Cincinnati Tea Party Straw Poll - (9/12/11)
1st - California GOP Straw Poll - (9/17/11)
1st - DC Values Voter Straw Poll - (10/7/11-10/9/11)
1st - LA County RPLAC Straw Poll - (10/13/11)
1st - Charleston County Republican Party - (10/18/11)
1st - Ohio GOP Swing State Straw Poll - (10/22/11)
1st - Des Moines Iowa Voters NFRA Presidential Straw Poll - (10/29/11)
1st - Des Moines Non-Iowa Voters NFRA Presidential Straw Poll - (10/29/11)
2nd - West Alabama Straw Poll - (10/29/11)
1st - Illinois GOP Straw Poll - (11/5/11)
1st - Charleston County Republican Party Straw Poll - (11/14/11)
1st - San Diego GOP Straw Poll - (11/14/11)
1st - Missouri Tea Party Straw Poll - (11/15/11)
1st - North Carolina Republican Straw Poll - (11/19/11)
2nd - Rockford, Illinois - Winnebago County GOP Straw Poll (11/19/11)
1st - Dubuque, Iowa - Dubuque Tea Party Straw Poll (12/1/11)
1st - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - Oklahoma GOP Straw Poll (12/5/11)
2nd - Chatanooga, Tennessee - Hamilton County Young Republican Straw Poll (12/8/11)
1st - Des Moines, IA – Drake University Straw Poll (12/10/11)
1st - Pasco County, Florida – Pasco County GOP Straw Poll (12/13/11)
1st - Cedar Valley, Iowa – Cedar Falls Tea Party Straw Poll (12/13/11)
1st - Boise, Idaho – Idaho Republican Party Straw Poll (1/6/12)
1st - Saddle Up Texas Straw Poll (1/14/12)
3rd - Connecticut GOP Straw Poll (1/20/12)
1st - Arizona Republican Party Presidential Straw Poll (1/28/12)
2nd - Idaho Straw Poll (2/4/2012)
I will update the statistics as they come in.

Total Straw Poll Results shows who the real winner is.Wikipedia actually had a running total in the beginning and when it showed Paul dominating early on they removed that. So I would monitor the page and manually change the 1st 2nd and 3rd place winners. Now that they have prematurely crowned Romney they put the cumulative results back.

1st Place Wins

1.Ron Paul 29 (44.6%)
2.Herman Cain 17 (26.2%)
3.Mitt Romney 6 (9.2%)
4.Rick Santorum 3 (4.6%)
5.Michele Bachmann 2 (3.1%)
6.Rick Perry 2 (3.1%)
7.Newt Gingrich 2 (3.1%)
8.Other 4 (6.2%)

I disagree with your premise that a win for Rand in the Iowa Straw Poll will launch him into outer space because if that's true then the fact of the overwhelming ass kicking Ron Paul gave in these official GOP straw polls show have been reason enough just to have cancelled the Tampa charade by the miniscule (6) 1st place wins by Romney as opposed to the overwhelming (29) 1st place wins by Paul.

Until people are willing to spread the word hard with stats like I compiled here and all electronic means of voting in Straw Polls,Primaries and General Election are eliminated you'll still be up shit creek w/o a paddle. We have 1-3 years to rectify this.; )

November 6th 2012 I voted for Dr.Ron Paul
"We must remember, elections are short-term efforts. Revolutions are long-term projects." ~ Ron Paul