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rand paul has done more in 1 yr to further ron pauls msg then any other single person alive today- either in or OUT of gvt.
name one person other then ron paul who has furthered a more fiscal, constitutional, limited, conservative gvt then rand paul.
Name one vote he has made that ron would not have.
Not everyone will like ron and rand. not everyone will understand.
we are the ones here that like them both and there is no substitute for either as a leader of our movement.

and like I said, rand is only a problem for liberals who have attached themselves to the ron paul mvmt but seek to change the msg and the party used.
cant let that happen.
The ones who are against rand do not have to be involved and can leave.
but the rest of us will stand by rand and his father- regardless of what misinformed liberals and libertarians do.
Ron said to join the republican party.
liberals and libertarians would never do that and there in lies the problem. They would rather try and change the msg.
so rand is only a problem for libs, the rest of us get rand.
republicans get rand and that is all that matters to him, at this point. He is not out to educate liberals. Rand is out to educate the GOP, if libs jump on then they should hush and enjoy the ride.

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016