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Thank's for the crap

In 07/08 I did not sit on sidelines. I refused to join the GOP. I really liked Ron Paul but when it came to the GOP.. there was no way in HELL. I campaigned for Ron Paul, started the Fort Bragg Meet-up, joined other Meet-ups and drove from my home, to Eureka, to San Fran to Reno NV going to events, including a nice lunch where I met Ron Paul, and gave him among others gifts, an abalone shell, still considered legal tender in the Neatherlands and why a person can not transport abalone to the Netherlands. I put up banners, posted signs, made and passed out flyers.. spoke at events.. wrote about Ron Paul.. worked very hard.. as many grassroots do.. but I really didn't know the GOP. All I knew was what I read and saw in MSM and based on the few people I knew who were GOP. And that is why I question grassroots at this point. All that work and for what? For someone like you to now say get over myself because I wasn't GOP then? I regret not being GOP then. That's my one regret. How stupid.. ignornant, foolish, prejudiced, bigoted, under the influence of MSM, and propeganda BS, to not join the GOP.

To not join the GOP for Ron Paul was my biggest mistake.

So this election I joined. And I learned what a fool I was. I got over myself by becoming listed as a national delegate, getting a seat, and doing everything I was doing as grassroots, but now as a Republican. And it's awesome.

My first meeting.. there were two former Democrats holding the seats for a gutted GOP. Yeah.. the GOP was DOA, and I agree with others who unlike you, remained in the GOP, what a great opportunity.. As for trail blazing, that was actually done by Matt Heath who is still in the GOP with many more of us now. And my hat is off to Matt, who I respect and appreciate all he did for the RP campaign in NorCal. I guess I got really lucky.

Since the trail you blazed for me is one you now consider crap, what do you think I owe you for that? Now you're anti-GOP.. so unlike Matt, you split and spit. Maybe the trail you blazed is part of the problem? Maybe the resistance I'm dealing with was because of those like you who split leaving a bad impression on the GOP you failed to convert to Liberty in one election?

Happy Thanksgiving.