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I prefer, more than anything, that we resort to violence as a complete last resort. I prefer that we continue to work to change the system from the outside in. Secession would plunge the nation into a dark age. We would be susceptible to mass invasion, poverty would go through the roof... Americans would undoubtedly be fighting Americans. This is not the libertarian utopia anyone hoped for a year ago. Let's hope it doesn't become "the gold standard". Perhaps Ron thinks that the threat of secession may force government accountability, but even this, if brought out in the House or Senate, could cause a massive chain reaction that would make it inevitable. Even the discussion of it on the Congressional record would be a monstrous problem in the future. The best course of action is for the Congress to become less complacent and more assertive. If not, the public must demand a third party solution or dissolve one of the existing parties to form a new one.