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But property is just as much a mental construct as a nation is, is it not? They're just constructs that guide behavior in situations where a human is among other humans. What is property aside from, "That is mine." How is property first established, by means of finders keepers? By means of those who would use it for the "greater good?" By force?

Saying, "this stretch of land is mine" is no different from a wolf peeing on a tree. It is contestable by others and must be enforced entirely through force or the threat of force.

I'd say your arguments apply with regards to choosing a spokesperson to apply the force, but they'd apply equally to my arguments. How is claiming property a non-aggressive act? Claiming such would rely solely on the theory that the thing being claimed hasn't been claimed by another so far. I'm quite familiar with cognitive dissonance, so no problem there, but you can't avoid it by trying to pretend that groups of people can't jointly own and defend property and call themselves a nation. In fact, I'd argue that tribal territory markers were our first shots at property ownership.

Enjoying the discussion here though for sure, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Eric Hoffer